He Always Has Fought For Right

Many Florida and Illinois residents have heard of Dan Newlin and his team of super lawyers. The reason that Dan Newlin is known as a superlawyer is because he has a long history of fighting for his clients rights. He not only fights for their rights, but he has had much success. Over the years he has been tirelessly working as a personal injury attorney, he has been able to recover over $150 million for his clients. Dan Newlin had a humble beginnings. He was an individual that truly had a love of law. When he was only 20 years old he began working at the Indiana Police Department. He really enjoyed his position there and he also began to work at the fire department. He continued on with his career and went on to work in Orlando Florida at the Orange county sheriffs office.

Soon after that he served there for 10 years and because of his many years of faithful service he eventually moved up and became the sheriff detective. As a Detective Dan had to work tirelessly to investigate different cases, and he was able to get many individuals the justice that they deserve and to bring criminals to justice as well. Dan did not just stop at that, he went on to work in many other details. He works in narcotics enforcement, where he also served as a detective in the fugitive division. While working in the fugitive division he was able to apprehend hundreds of dangerous fugitives. Dan received many awards because he went above and beyond when it came to his services working in the Marshall’s office.

Dan still wanted to further his career in law, so he decided to go to the school of Law in 1997. He later graduated as an attorney in 2000. As a licensed attorney Dan moved into a very small office and got one secretary. He worked in that way for a while, and soon he was able to get a large amount of clients that were able to see the expertise and the professionalism that he offered. Later he went on to get a team of incredibly qualified individuals and now they have a boutique style law firm that works in the state of Illinois and in Florida. Dan’s law firm now employs over 75 individuals, and they have been able to help hundreds of clients win cases. Dan is a man who has truly humble beginnings, but his desire for justice and right moved him to become the man that he is today.