Healthy, Active Beneful Dogs

I own three dogs. They come in three different breeds, which means three different sizes and three different needs within their diet. I always want my dogs within their prime health, because their life quality is extremely important to me. We’ve got schedules for going to the dog park to socialize, walking around the block, or taking a run every other day to keep both them, and myself, healthy. Other than our exercise routine and daily play time, what my dogs eat is the number one priority for making sure that they maintain their great health.

Just like people, sometimes dogs will have allergies that prevent them from eating certain things like grains or rice, so I have had to watch all three of them and study their reaction to what I feed them. I found that a two of them were very picky and would occasional vomit on some brands on, so I went out in search of something that would sit well with all of their stomachs so that I would not have to buy different dog foods for all of them.

One brand I have noticed that maintains their weight and their energy levels is Beneful’s dog food. Luckily, this brand is well within my broke girl budget, so feeding all three of them this brand every month was an affordable expense. Beneful on is a product of Purina, and I have been using Purina for my cat food and cat litter for almost seven years now, so it was already a brand I was familiar with and knew that I could trust with my animals. When I started using this dog food for my beagle, border collie and boxer, I paid attention to their habits over the next few days to make sure that there were no issues with hair loss or vomiting, as other brands had caused that reaction in two of my dogs. I was satisfied when none of these side effects reared their ugly head.

Not only is the Beneful product made with real meat and healthy vegetables so that my dog stays healthy and active, but the food also comes in different flavors so they will not get bored eating the same flavor of food every month. Each flavor of Beneful is balanced, with extra vitamins and omega ingredients, which means I can cut back on the variety of vitamins I give them as supplements.

Nothing is more fearful than when a pet gets sick. Unlike children, pets cannot speak to us owners and let us know what is wrong with them. This is why keeping them on a healthy diet, and sticking to something we know is good for them, is very important in dog health. They need us to filter through all the processed junk and find a food that is balanced and nutrient for the animals that we love. Now, all three of my dogs have food that tastes great, keeps them healthy, and provides the energy they need to maintain a happy, active, and healthy lifestyle.