How Cone Marshall Limited Has Excelled In the Area of Commercial and Tax Litigation

Cone Marshall is an established law firm in Auckland, New Zealand. The company deals with foreign advisors and families and helps them by creating business partnerships and providing international wealth planning services and advice. The company has an enormous client base, and since its formation in 1999 it has built loyalty and trust in the market. Cone Marshall Limited handles attorneys, trustees, family advisers, private banks, and other institutions within and outside New Zealand. The company provides clients with excellent planning services.


The company provides a full range of tax, administrative, structuring advice, and trust services in New Zealand. All the company’s dealings are transparent and maintain top-level confidentiality for all inquiries the clients make. Businesses in and around New Zealand can get a tax advantage thanks to the help they get from Cone Marshall Limited. The company has many associate companies that also provide professional services to the clients in the areas where they operate.


Other Noteworthy Achievements

The owners of Cone Marshall Limited are Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. The two are experts in foreign trust matters in Auckland. They have set the trend in New Zealand’s Trustee Companies Association which combines four trust companies. The companies were responsible for the successful lobbying to stop the trust law review. Both Karen and Geoff have over a thousand company directorships on NZ register. At the moment, not all these firms play an active role, but the majority of them are walking in the footsteps of the founder Geoffrey Cone who has since relocated to Uruguay. Nonetheless, they are still registering more companies to serve a larger market.


Karen Marshall’s Role at The Company

Cone Marshall Limited prides in its top leadership team led by Geoffrey and Karen. Karen is one of the co-principles at the company having worked here since November 2005. Her role and experience at the firm include working as the Trustee and Trust Company director. She has continued to show exemplary leadership all through the years at the company.


Before Karen Marshall joined this company, she had worked for other firms in the commercial litigation units for some years. At one point, Karen was the adviser to two statutory trustee companies under acting capacity. She advised and represented Trustees of Charitable Touts on claims by beneficiaries. As she serves at the top-level management at Cone Marshall Limited, Karen ensures transparent settlement of all their clients and makes sure all processes at the firm run smoothly to meet its core objectives.