How Frans Schoeman is making a Difference in the Field of Law

Frans Schoeman is a successful lawyer who the chief administrator of Phatsima Diamond Law firm and the main company on called Phatsima Diamond Corporation based in South Africa. He is a well sought after attorney who has over 21 years’ experience. The educational system in South Africa is very different and to some it might seem difficult. Becoming a lawyer in such a country is therefore considered an honorable career that is admired by many.

Frans was born in 1969 in Cape Town, South Africa where he grew up developing a passion for law. A career in law would allow him to help and change the lives of many people, and for this reason, he worked very hard. In 1990, he graduated with a law degree from the University of Free State where he was a member of the Student Legal Society. He collaborated with Joubert and established a law firm called Joubert Schoeman Attorneys.

The Joubert Schoeman Law group is among the best companies that provide solid client base solutions. The company received an arbitration award of over R120 million due to its quality services. The partners in the law firm have years’ experience making the organization to be among the best in the field.

Frans has contributed greatly to the success of the Joubert Schoeman Law Group by developing effective techniques in handling different client issues and coming up with relevant solutions. He has built a large client base that extends to commercial organizations globally.

He gained experience and became a legal professional in diverse areas including administrative law, medical and insurance law, commercial law, labor law, banking and finance law among others. He worked for over five years as a consultant at the law firm called Hofmeyr Herbstein and Gihwala Inc. he was also in charge of handling difficult business mergers, investigation of companies and individuals involved in such business issues and also dealt with procurement.

Frans also specialized in research of legal matters, negotiation of contracts, litigation involving commercial property and arbitration. In 2001, he became the legal director of TG Mintster Group an insurance company, where he oversaw matters that dealt in drafting, acquisitions and offering general legal advice.

In 2005, he joined Phatsima Diamond Corporation and was responsible for the Angola mining concession. The company mainly focuses on business law and corporate law. The organization also specializes in due diligence during fulfillments of contracts, mergers and acquisitions.

Frans Schoeman believes in justice and equality and that is probably the reason why he takes part in various charity works. He does pro bono work for clients who need legal help but are unable to afford hiring an attorney. He is a generous contributor to various charity organizations that deal with issues concerning children, arts, human rights, environmental conservation, education and technology among others.

He is an active member of the New York City Department of Employees and Alumni. He also joined the LSSA and a member of Law Jobs Network. Frans is a professional lawyer who has handled almost all types of cases in the field of law.