How To Avoid Common Complaints That Come Up At White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a digital ad agency and SEO company, and their regular customers offer similar complaints every year. The White Shark Media team is more than prepared to handle these complaints, but customers would do well to know how to avoid these problems in the future. This article explains common complaints that can be mitigated with a bit of wisdom from the White Shark Media team.

#1: AdWords Got Away

AdWords campaigns are easy to forget about, and the customers who do not feel in touch with their campaigns may be dissatisfied. Working with White Shark Media helps customers get a report on their AdWords performance every week, but customers who need a refresher are welcome to contact the White Shark Media at any time. A member of the White Shark Media will help explain where the AdWords campaign is, how it is going and any changes that can be made.

#2: Communication Is Not Ideal

White Shark Media is more than willing to schedule a monthly meeting with clients to go over their results. A report from White Shark Media may not fully explain what is going on, but someone with White Shark Media will explain the report in-full with the client. These meetings van be done over GoTo Meeting, Skype or over the phone. The process is simple, and clients can remain up-to-date without spending too much time talking to White Shark. Clients are also welcome to change to advisors who are more in-tine with their needs.

#3: Why Did The Older Campaigns Work Better?

Some clients feel that their older campaigns worked better, and the White Shark Media team is happy to review the performance of each campaign. Clients may find that a new campaign has not had enough time to mature, or an old campaign may simply be better. White Shark Media is willing to meet the problem head-on to ensure that the client is happy, and this process can be completed in a matter of moments.

#4: Phone Inquiries Are Happening Every Day

White Shark Media has created a method for tracking phone contacts, and those contacts are factored into the ratings for the website overall. The clients who need to have their phone inquiries checked can do so at any time with the help of White Shark Media. White Shark is available to solve problems for their customers, and clients with questions can have those questions addressed quickly.