One of the first things you will ever want to do is learn from others. Speak to people like Igor Cornelsen. Pick their brains. Find out what these wizards did to get where they are at. Igor has some really good tips, tips every man and woman should listen to. As a beginner, you need to really put yourself out there. Network with the right kinds of people. Some worry that big name investors won’t reach out the them. You have to do your own research.

Lock into those people who will speak with you. As long as the person feels there is some mutual benefactor to getting involved, the person will help; but again, you must do the research.

Here are some other helpful hints for you to think over.


This is good sound advice for anything in life, but most especially investing. You have to have a goal. Why do you you want to invest in the market? Is there a specific goal you are looking to reach? Are you just looking for retirement savings?

Some people are only looking to save for a few years, then call it a day. If this is you, you should consider some other options. The stock market is only for those who are looking to stay for years and years. It’s also a very volatile place. You are going to have to endure both major wins and losses. If you choose to work with Igor, he can help you out with this.

If you know what amount of money you are looking at saving, you should be able to calculate the exact return on your investment.

Your portfolio has three different variables:

1)The money you invest.
2)What you earn on this initial investment.
3)How long you intend to stay in the game.


Your risk tolerance is calculated by three things:

1)Your education of the market.
2)Your current net income.
3)Your expected wealth in the future.
4) Your age also plays a role in this.

In short, you need to have a very high tolerance level to survive the stock market in Brazil. It will fluctuate, like any other market. As we get older, our fuse begins to get smaller. How bad are you with this? Are you willing to ride out the potential risk without any anxiety? Is your anxiety going to hold you back? Factor these things in before you take the plunge.

People who have low-tolerance levels and high anxiety, they tend to not make it as long. How are you going to fit in?

The best person to speak to is the man down below.


Want some really good investment advice? Talk to Igor. He is one of the top minds when it comes to investment strategies here in Brazil. Google him. Look up his official site. This guy is the one you want on your side. He can help your ride out any risk successfully. Igor also has tips and tricks to minimize your anxiety levels, should you have any. If you are serious about investing in the Brazilian market, you need to talk to him today.