How You Wash Your Dishes May Contribute To Allergies

A new study that was recently published by the Journal Of Pediatrics has suggested that parents who choose to wash their daily dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher may actually be lowering the risk that their child could develop allergies. The thought process is that children who are protected from bacteria by way of sanitized items ensures that they will not be susceptible to immune intolerances later on according to experts like Flavio Maluf.

One thousand children were followed in Sweden and certain behaviors were followed such as whether or not parents purchased eggs farm fresh or from the store, was milk pasteurized or not and where did meat come from. Fermented foods which contain high levels of beneficial probiotic bacteria was also followed. One of these other factors that was followed was whether or not parents in those homes washed dishes by hand or not.

It was discovered that in households where dishes were hand washed, children had less allergic symptoms over time. These allergies included sinus symptoms as well as eczema and asthma. While it cannot be determined exactly if this process is what affected the statistic but sanitizing dishes by hand could leave behind bacteria that might actually be beneficial when consumed back into the body later on.