I Don’t Believe That Any Dog Food Is Better Than Beneful

I am probably the biggest pet lover that I know, and some people even think I’m obsessed with my pet. Maybe I do go a bit overboard when it comes to my pet, but I have no children, so I have to spoil somebody. I wanted everything to be perfect for my pet, including the food that he eats. I was mostly worried about the food I was giving to my pet because I heard that the wrong food could make him sick. I took a step that most people would never take in order to find out if the food I was giving my pet was any good.

I was using a local store brand of dog food, and I didn’t think much about using it. Only because my dog started to stray away from his bowl when it came to mealtimes, that’s the only reason I thought about the food I was feeding him. I decided that I would try the food for myself to see if it was any good. I know it sounds gross, but I did check it out, and dog food is supposed to be consumable for humans. After taste testing the food, I could see why he didn’t want to eat it.

The ingredients on the side of the dog food bag was not impressive, and I decided I would get a dog food that was a lot more wholesome. I chose to get Beneful because I learned a lot about the brand by going online to their website. I was so impressed with all the information that I found about Beneful that I chose to go and buy a bag. Same as other bag of dog food, I made it my mission to give it a taste, so I could see if it was something that my dog would like.

I’m almost ashamed to say that I actually liked how meaty and soft the dog food was, and the nutrients that is in the food is everything that my dog needs. I didn’t bother taste testing any more food, I just gave it to my dog. He absolutely loved the food, and the way he went about eating it was different than how he was eating food before. No more wasting food, no more going hungry, and no more letting bags of food sit in my closet until I had to buy a new one.

My dog absolutely loves Beneful, and I’m one of the few pet owners to say that I love it as well because I know that it’s a good tasting food, and it’s nutritious for my dog. Unlike many of the other dog foods out there, Beneful ensures that the ingredients are exactly what a dog needs. If I didn’t take time to read the previous ingredients on the bag of dog food I used to buy, then I would never know how good Beneful really is. I would suggest to other dog owners to just purchase Beneful because I believe it’s the best dog food around.