Igor Cornelsen’s Three Practical Tips for Investing in Brazil

Although investing is a risk in itself, investors can reduce the amount of risk they assume when they channel their hard earned cash towards a project by sourcing advice from seasoned investors. Numerous investment opportunities are available in the U.S, but adventurous investors never shy off from exploring the potentials of foreign markets. Igor Cornelsen, the founder of Bainbridge Investments Inc., is interested in risk-taking investors who are looking for long-term investment strategies for the Brazil’s market. He is a South American native specifically Brazil although he currently spends most of his time in the U.S.

Cornelsen’s investment tips for Brazil are essential yet straightforward. He urges foreign investors to create a good rapport with the locals. It is only through getting in touch with the locals that investors can benefit from the business acumen of Brazilians who are thought to be naturally business-minded. What’s more, Brazilians are among the most hospitable people in the world who do not shy away from talking to foreigners.

Like many other countries, Igor Cornelsen notes that Brazil’s currency control measures are strict. There are numerous banks where foreigners can exchange their currencies for the Brazilian Real. However, it is the currency exchange rate that Cornelsen’s emphasis lies on; he acknowledges that Brazil has varying exchange rates depending on the type of transaction. While this may seem complicated, he assures foreigners that research into Brazil’s currency law that they stand to benefit from their efforts.

According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazil’s regulations of the business environment are many, and they warrant an investor to research them thoroughly. Investors conversant with the country’s business legislations can adhere to the necessary ones while saving time by not paying attention to unnecessary legislation.

Bainbridge Investment’s sole purpose is to help investors to gain an insight into Brazil’s economic landscape which can get treacherous at times. The firm is located in the Bahamas. Igor’s understanding of the Brazilian economic environment arises from his career with leading Brazil’s financial institutions. However, he currently focuses on investments purely having quit his job. While he is not engrossed in business, he enjoys golfing.

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