Impacting the World with IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services believes in making the impossible possible. Ingenuity creates opportunities for talented individuals to make an impact in various situations. The company’s services range in a wide variety including logistics, infrastructure solutions, and disaster relief. It takes individuals with all kinds of expert skill sets to fill out the employee roster at IAP. The company’s capabilities allow U.S. government agencies and its allies to operate in foreign environments.

IAP worldwide offers many career opportunities. The company is dedicated to employing military veterans on Its relationship with the Armed Forces has remained strong throughout the years. IAP prides itself on supporting the countries military men and women. It plays a critical role in the transition military members have from active duty to civilian life. This transition is often stressful and confusing. Service members are uneducated about the path they are about to take. IAP Worldwide Services ensures that the service members have a smooth transition. Working with the Transition Assistance office is crucial. There are also job fairs arranged for veterans to make contact with potential company employers. Job opportunities range from logistics, to combat operations, to base management. Healthcare is also a key element provided by IAP Worldwide Services.

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The United States Navy recently signed a 900 million dollar support contract with IAP Services. The company will be involved in many aspects of military operations. They will assist in facility support services, as well as assistance in humanitarian relief and natural disasters.

IAP experts were called in for support with Hurricane Matthew. Emergency power support was needed. IAP activated over 100 power support experts to service the many generators needed to bring electricity back to the community. The company on was contracted by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 2013 to provide Emergency Services during times of national significance.

The contract of IAP Worldwide Services with the US Army Distributed Common Ground System is valued at 53 million. Task within the contract include data processing, hardware accreditation certification, systems reconciliation and warehouse operations. These are skills that the Army will look to deploy worldwide while training in Fort Hood, Texas.

IAP was founded in Irmo, SC. They began with a contract with the US Army to provide generator support. The company has maintained a working relationship with the military ever since. IAP Worldwide Services is present on social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin.