Indian Gov. Mark Pence Seeks to Clarify Laws Original Anti-Discrimination Intent

On Tuesday, Indiana Governor Mark Pence sought to quell a backlash from well-funded political organizations seeking to cast his state’s recently enacted religious freedom law as giving businesses license to discriminate. At issue are concerns similarly voiced by major corporations that the law would in fact allow businesses to deny services to the LGBT community. Gov. Pence has assured the people of his state the law has no such intent. Hillary Clinton, eager to deflect media scrutiny from her ongoing email scandal, has jumped on the issue claiming the law was in effect a state sanctioning of discrimination. She tweeted that it was a sad commentary that any state would enact such a law in the 21st century.

For his part, Gov. Pence has stated he’ll ask the legislature to send him a clarification on the bill confirming that in no wise are businesses allowed to discriminate. At the same time, he is affirming that the backlash, which frankly took him by surprise, is overblown. It is quite obvious that the timing of the attack both in media and elsewhere was well-coordinated. Not coincidentally, it occurred just after he signed the religious freedom bill into law. At the same time, the White House claims the Indiana law does not mimic a similar law enacted by President Clinton over two decades ago. Brad Reifler ( learned that the Obama administration says the Indiana law has open ended language which might be construed as a legal means to discriminate against people based on religious beliefs.