Jason Hope Has a Great Passion for Philanthropic Works

The international scientific society gradually realizes the role of rejuvenation biotechnologies in handling various diseases that are related to aging. Jason Hope, one of the prominent entrepreneurs in the US, has pledged a donation of 500000 dollars to SENS foundation. The foundation is based in California, and its mission is to develop, promote and guarantee widespread distribution of rejuvenation biotechnologies’ that address the disease that is related to aging.

Jason points out that he has had a great interest in the SENS foundation and the works of Dr. Aubrey De Grey or a while now. He believes that the duty of the organization will play a vital role in the innovation of human medicine and their technique to solve the problem of aging and its related ailments are the only option and Jason on Facebook.

Their services and the services of those they support will bring a comprehensive redefinition and reshape the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotech firms that exist today. Note that the encroachment of rejuvenation biotechnologies is essential and also it is the future. He adds that is privileged to offer the donation to the SENS foundation to support its efforts, and Jones hopes that the support will play a role in driving the results faster for all mankind and learn more about Jason Hope.

Jones Hope’s donation was announced by the President of SEN foundation Mike Kope during the Thursday’s epic philanthropic event that was hosted by the Thiel Foundation. SENS foundation was created with the aim of creating a new biotech industry that could be a credible catalyst for transformation and resume him.

The objective of the foundation is to be a public researching and outreach agency that is determined to create a new field-rejuvenation biotech industry. The management team and the foundation at large are happy that their projects are catching the attention of the top tier partners in the biotech and rejuvenation medicine. The CEO of the organization adds that the donation made by Jason is vital since it will enable them to build the existing collaboration. It will also help them expedite the progress in the fight against the disease that is related to aging and Jason’s lacrosse camp.


About Jason hope

Jason Hope is a prominent businessman who resides in Scottsdale, AZ. He has a great passion for philanthropic works that focus on education, disease treatment, biotechnology and scientific research. Being an Arizona native, Jones is an active promoter of educational programs that emboldens learning inside and outside of the classroom. He also supports those agencies that have a significant impact on prevention, control, and cure of various diseases.