John Goullet’s role in the Formation of the Info Technologies and Diversant LLC.

John Goullet is a professional in the provision of IT services and the primary fields that he has specialized in are IT consultancy and staffing. He is currently working for the Diversant Limited Liability Company as the principal of the firm. The expert started serving as a staffing specialist in 1994 when he established Info Technologies. The company was highly depended on by the Fortune 500 companies in offering IT staffing solutions. It was recognized due to its many accomplishments, and they include being on the Inc. Magazine’s top 500 firms that were performing excellently. The company concentrated on studying the progress of the corporate world, and this greatly helped it in offering high-quality services. John served the business as its CEO, and he merged it to with Diversant Inc. in 2010. The worth of the enterprise was 30 million dollars at that time.

Diversant LLC was created in 2010 after the merger between Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. The company is appreciated for the staffing services that it offers to its clients, and it has created excellent relationships with its customers. It is a licensed Minority-Owned Business Enterprise that is majorly held by African-Americans. The primary staffing solutions that it has been offering are direct hiring, reinforcement, and replacement of IT professionals, as well as a wide variety of creative services. Diversant has been devoted to using its excellent service provision strategies in ensuring that the customers’ need are met. It has also been associating with clients as real business partners by consulting them in every step that it makes.

The development rate of the IT industry is rapid, and this has made it difficult for companies to find the best IT experts. Diversant LLC has been utilizing outstanding methods in sourcing and hiring its IT professionals. It ensures that they have the best knowledge and talent that is needed in creating customized software for the clients. The experience of the firm in the sector has enabled it to be able to match different IT talents with working environments that suit their styles and companies that need their skills.

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