Just Do You: A Must Read For All Parents

If you’re like most parents, you’ve read at least one book or article on parenting. Some parents get stuck in always referring back to what “the experts” in parenting are saying, always choosing the judgment of these strangers to that of themselves. That’s crazy, and here’s one reason why, according to a recently published Huffington Post piece.

I am grateful for how I was parented, even though everyone who ever knew my parents criticized them for how they parented me. Sure, they could have given me healthier foods, made me exercise, and made me develop habits of hygiene earlier on in life, but what parent gets everything right on the first try? My parents, for all of their inexperience, realized it was important to give me room to grow, which let me explore worlds I may not have been able to if my parents didn’t let me.

I may not have discovered certain authors and higher levels of reading ability, may not have spent so much time writing and developing that skill, and may not have spent so much time talking -and learning how to overcome the most common fear of all: public speaking. These are all skills in myself I don’t know if I would have learned had my parents not parented the way they saw fit and cut out everyone trying to tell them what to do.

I turned out pretty well. So, do the best you can. Experts aren’t always the experts.