London Crows Comes Together to Lift Bus off of Victim

Yesterday a crowd in London experienced a tragedy and a heroic act all together. In the neighborhood of Walthamstow, a young man on a unicycle was hit by a double-decker bus that was on its nightly route. The young man became trapped under the front wheel of the bus, leaving witnesses and on-lookers horrified. Luckily, the crowd reacted quickly in order to help the trapped man. A group of about 100 people came together to help lift the several ton bus enough to move it several feet and free the man from under the wheel.

In a video that was captured during the accident, witnesses can be heard screaming and seen rushing forward to help the man. Flavio Maluf watched the video along with several others. The crowd of people rushed forward with no hesitation, said one witness. The driver of the bus has not been charged with any crimes as of right now.

The young man was taken to a nearby hospital in London and is believed to be in critical condition. Hopefully the quick thinking and heroic actions of the crowd who helped lift the bus off of him helped the man to not sustain further injury.

To see the incredible video of the crowd moving the bus, check it out on The Standard.