Madison Street Capital – Highly Respected Chicago Investment Bank

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm with international activities which is based in Chicago. The company is a partner of many firms and seeks to provide the best outcome between transactions. They are registered with FINRA as a broker-dealer and are involved in multiple sectors. Madison Street Capital takes a unique approach in allowing investors to get to know management of the companies which they invest in.

Providing Credit and Advisory Services to Businesses

One service which Madison Street Capital offers to it’s institutional clients is that they provide credit to businesses, and guarantee the credit which they offer. These loans are private placements which enable their institutional clients to expand operations through mezzanine lending. They also place knowledgeable advisors with their portfolio companies. These advisors are able to serve as experienced intermediaries between companies and investors. These advisors seek to provide the best outcome for everyone through their ability to perform expansions on their portfolio companies.

Completing Successful Mergers and Valuations for Clients

Companies which are looking to merge operations can also have a merger completed through Madison Street Capital. The company does more to prevent over-valuation of their companies than any other investment bank, so they always use a strategic approach to creating realistic pricing expectations. They use multiple methods for predicting the future value of a company, such as by using either a LBO (Leveraged Buyout Analysis), Discounted Cash Flow, M&A Comps, or Public Comps model. The combination of these models ensures that the valuation is more likely to be accurate. They take into account their client’s goodwill when determining the valuation of the company as this can be a very important factor in client’s long-term success. Most often, compensation is on a per-share basis which includes a wide mix of stock options and other means of evaluating the value of their companies.

Independent, Honest Valuations

Madison Street Capital is fully committed to independent valuations and investment banking services which firms can rely upon for accurate and honest valuations. It is through attention to detail that Madison Street Capital has managed to achieve a significant level of success in the international investment banking and lending business. The company has a huge international presence in Africa, North America, and Asia. This international exposure is a direct result of the company’s prestige and experience in emerging markets.

There are clear benefits to doing business with Madison Street Capital with it’s extensive insights and experience in the investment banking industry. Deals are more likely to be successful because of their unique approach to valuations and ensuring success. All parties are typically satisfied with the outcome of many operations.