Make It Makari De Suisse For The Whitest and Brightest Complexion People Will Envy

There are excellent skin care companies, and then there are all the rest, especially when it comes to providing advanced formulas for dark skin tones and ethnic complexions.

You would think the choices would be huge for our beautiful category of skin care, because so many women and men fight hyper-pigmentation issues often. We want a whiter, glowing and evenly balanced complexion, but all we seem to be offered are suspect formulas with dangerous bleaching agents.

That’s why Makari De Suisse stands high above the competition, securing its spot as the world’s leader in safe, quick and effective skin lightening and brightening products. Makari could easily add hydroquinone to their rich and pampering formulas, but they don’t believe in possibly harming one’s health.

Instead, the brand has developed a global following based on their pure skin lightening treatments. Organiclarine is one such ingredient that is present in many of their products. It’s a safe, non-medicated substance that successfully lightens the complexion or spots and patches of the body that show discoloration. It’s a powerful ingredient that halts excessive pigment formation and helps you reach the ideal balance and whiter tone.

Makari formulas all share advanced science in luxurious plant-based and caviar extract formulas. Your skin texture will change from rough to clear and smooth, and your tone will even and lighten and deliver a gorgeous radiance.
Makari’s Exclusive Toning Cream and Soap are the perfect two-punch for achieving flawless, spotless skin. Both have maximum amounts of Organiclarine to start the whitening process off. The soap contains amazing exfoliation power. This double whitener has been designed for use on the face only. Apply the products once or twice per day, three times a week for best results.

Another Makari favorite comes from their Extreme Serum with Carrot and Argan Oil line. This one is made for the body only and contains Organiclarine along with vitamins C and E for the finest in clear skin with ideal whitening. Argan and carrot oil together also help to lighten and moisturize the skin.

Make it Makari when you’re looking for brighter, evenly toned skin.

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