Management Experience From Your Child?

If you haven’t gone to management school or don’t have a business degree, but still have children, it turns out you may still be getting management experience after all. Huffington Post released a story yesterday on management sessions one mom has learned from her kids. It got me thinking about all of the management lessons parents have shared with me over the years from what their children have taught them.

Common among all parents I talk to is the fact that having children is a really good way to learn how to direct, not just command. If I tell my child to eat healthy, he will call me out if I put on a couple pounds and he will make sure I eat healthy too. If I tell my child to do his chores, he will make sure we all contribute equally to managing our home. That’s a lot of room to give a child, I know, but it’s also completely fair for him to be that way. What human wouldn’t demand from their leaders what their leaders are demanding of them?

Essentially, I’m not my child’s “leader,” but I am his coach. Coaching, then, is all about management. I have to manage a human being’s life until he is successful enough to start managing his and other lives himself. That has obviously given me many of the skills necessary to managing a team through development and change as well.