Michael Zomber’s Commitment To Improving The Lives Of The People

Historians play a crucial role in preserving information about the past. Michael Zomber’s passion for protecting history has seen him collect various antiques. He is a family man who resides in Philadelphia. Michael has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and psychology.

According to CrunchBase, he also holds a master’s degree in English Literature from the esteemed University of California. Michael Zomber work ranges from armory collection to writing of articles on the famous Samurai tales. He has written and produced a full-length documentary film, which has received much attention from around the globe. His skills in story telling have seen him win a number of prestigious awards in different platforms.

With the help of his wife, Andrea, Michael has been able to assist many organizations such as The Randolph Bourne Institute in enhancing their initiatives. Through his literature work, the voices of the antiwar movement have been heard and are being used to promote peace across the word. Notably, a conglomerate of libertarian from all over the world convenes to foster peace based on Zomber’s work.

Michael Zomber gives voice to all individuals that have been silenced by their governments, especially on speaking about human rights abuses in their country. In partnership with Disabled American Veterans, he has ensured that individuals have a better living condition despite being isolated by their government. His literary works has seen the disabled get palate surgery with the children accessing quality healthcare. In addition, the children are provided with food and can go to school. This way, they have a brighter future ahead of them. Zomber has collaborated with different high-ranking politicians in promoting social, economic, and environmental justice around the globe. Through this partnership, a vibrant democracy has been achieved, thus giving people decent living conditions.

About Michael Zomber’s Work

Mr. Zomber endeavors to preserve and protect history through his works. The Shogun Iemitsu is one of his published works. It is in this literary work that the environmental and social economics factors of life are told. His major objective has been to work with individuals whose desire for safeguarding the past is deep. Michael Zomber wears many hats, as he is an author, dealer, filmmaker, collector and philanthropist. He has produced different television series and full-length screenplay for Shogun Iemitsu. In the past, the historian has possessed guns that were once under the ownership of powerful people. These armors are reserved for future generations.