Michigan Doctor Refuses To Treat Newborn Because Parents Are lesbians

Couple Hand Picked The Doctor Months Before But The Doctor Changed Her Mind

The power of religious beliefs makes people do strange things said Brad Reifler. Even doctors aren’t immune to the idealistic separation that some church members practice. Doctors take an oath to serve the people regardless of their beliefs, but religion tends to get in the way of common sense at times. When it does, the oath becomes only lip service.Jami and Krista Contreras found that out recently when they took their 6-day-old baby to a doctor they had picked from a group of doctors before their baby was born. This particular doctor was their first choice because she took a holistic approach and used probiotics and natural oils.

The doctor who agreed to treat the baby changed her mind the day of the first visit because she “prayed” on it and decided she couldn’t treat a baby with two mothers. The doctor knew months ago that Jami and Krista were lesbians, but for some reason “praying” changed her mind.

She defended her actions by explaining how she is a loving doctor who cares. Really? Sound like Dr. Roi is very selective in her caring. The Contreras’s baby is just a baby. She has no particular sexual preference.