Model Posts Breastfeeding Photo

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes has made headlines these last few days. The beautiful supermodel posted a picture of herself breast-feeding her newborn baby. The world of Instagram when crazy, and it’s not hard to see why. Doutzen Kroes was recently voted as the hottest model of the year, and fans of hers will do anything that they to can see her with as little clothing as possible. However, I have a feeling that the perverts in the world will not be too excited about her new photo.

Many people are angry that the supermodel would post such a distasteful picture, but there are those out there who support the new mother stated The breast-feeding picture was not the only photo that the supermodel posted. She also posted pictures of her in bed with her husband that they were a bit strange. Doutzen Kroes and her husband were almost nude in the photo. I’m not sure what the supermodel is trying to do, but maybe she is following in the footsteps of the Kardashian girls.

It is a shame that some females will do anything these days to get famous. It seems that class is a thing of the past. For more information on the story, visit Buzzfeed.