Moms Are Still Overworked and Underappreciated

Mothers work hard, but they often unappreciated for all that they are doing. This is essentially the case everywhere that mothers also function as employees. The stay-at-home mom is still common, but she is not as common as before because many mothers are single. The end result is a lot of overworked mothers that feel like they have to constantly say that they are sorry for all the things that they just never get around to doing.


It can be frustrating for moms to have so much to do. In New Jersey there a lot of parents that are overworked and underpaid. They will often find themselves looking for some free activities because they simply cannot afford to spend a lot on activities for their kids. Fortunately, New Jersey has countless activities for parents that are trying to find things for their children to do. There are activities in November like the Fall Festival Street Fair or the Free Fall Family Day at the Montclair Art Museum. There are a lot of activities for parents to engage in with their children. So many parents are saying that they are sorry that they cannot take their children to certain places because they have no money. New Jersey has activities that have made it possible for parents to avoid saying that they are sorry about not having money for activities. This is state that has tons of activities for the single mom that is on a budget.


For most parents it is all about establishing some boundaries. There are times when you cannot say yes to an activity. There are other times where you may have to decline. This is for the workplace and outside of work. Mothers will stretch themselves to the limits with extracurricular activities. They will try to get involved in the PTA. At work a mother may take on more responsibility in hopes of getting a raise. This may be something that is done because she is trying to get more money to afford activities with her kids. The downside is that more work and more responsibility gives a mother less time to actually spend with her children. That is why mothers have to say “sorry” less and “no” to requests more often.