Moral Values Drive George Soros In 2016

The view an individual has of George Soros is usually driven by which side of the political fence they sit on, but the Hungarian born former refugee is well known for his dedication to maintaining a moral standing of which very few people can compare when it comes to his political ideology. Prior to his appearance at a post election meeting of the Democracy Alliance in Washington D.C., George Soros released a short biography explaining his own history for members of the group that included his battle against the tyrannical rule of the Nazi’s and communists in his native Hungary during and after World War II.

Democrat’s hold George Soros in the highest regard for the major financial donations made by the man who built a personal fortune of over $25 billion as a hedge fund manager after starting out as a lonely refugee traveling alone across post World War II Europe. This refugee journey has remained a part of the life of George Soros and inspires him to continue his fight against injustice in its many forms with the Democratic party in the U.S. and through the Open Society Foundations he founded to educate people in oppressed societies to become educated in their human rights.

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George Soros had made a large return to providing funds for Democratic campaigns across the U.S. The $25 million in donations made by George Soros in 2016 for left leaning campaigns has only been matched by the $27 million he himself made to the campaign of John Kerry in 2004. The donors inspired to enter the Democratic fold by George Soros followed him after he returned to the fold with the former First Lady and admitted his mistake in backing President Barrack Obama for President in 2008; many other major donors formed their own Super PAC to push forward the issues important to them, which is an area to be discussed at the Democracy Alliance event that will look to take the first steps in creating a successful future for the Democrats.

During the 2016 election campaign George Soros had attempted to warn voters of the dangerous rhetoric and policies the President Elect discussed on the trail. Soros believes the fight must continue against a Trump Presidency that has already signaled its intention to tear down many of the achievements of President Obama during the first 100 days of his time in the Oval Office. The Democracy Alliance George Soros is a member of has played an important role in forming policy for the Democratic party for many years, but Soros will now open discussions about how this and other groups move forward in the future after a Trump victory not identified in the days leading up to the 2016 election.