Mother Asks Police to Pull Over Her Toddler

Jaxon Arbuckle is the two year old that was pulled over by Officer Bill Mayo. This was caught in a picture. Jaxon was peddling in his toy car when the officer turned on his flashing red lights. This incident occurred in Louisville, Ky. Officer Mayo was finishing up with an accident when Ashley Crawford asked him to pull her two year old son over. She requested that he turn on his lights and pull Jaxon over. Ashley wanted to get a picture of the entire scenario. This family had moved to Louisville a few months earlier. Jaxon had a fear of sirens at that time. When he got pulled over it proved to be very positive for the driver and the officer. Officer Mayo and Jaxon talked and high fived each other for the next 20 minutes. This officer deserves to be commended for easing the fears of a two year old. The pair even managed to get in a game of hide-and-go-seek.


Ashley appreciated the way that this officer made her son smile, and Daniel noticed the difference he made as well. Officer Mayo admitted to having his day made complete due to this interaction with Jaxon. He also claimed that he has witnessed other officers perform these acts of kindness. There are many committed police officers who take the time to connect with members of their community. This does display the true character of an officer.