NASA Conducts Twin Mission

In an attempt of space study advancement, Russia and United States of America has come into agreement to join forces to build a new space station after the International Space Station expires in 2024. USA’s NASA and Russia’s Roscosmos will be bringing together their research, programs and systems for future space program, one goal of which is a joint mission to explore Mars.

Meanwhile, current collaboration between the two agencies involves bringing American Astronaut Scott Kelly and two other Russian Cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko and Gannady Padalka to space for almost a year of experiment. The trio left in Kazakhstan Cosmodome to the International Space Station to conduct research on psychological and biomedical challenges in the outer space.

Called the Twin Study, this one-year mission is a study of many different things from human physiology, behavioral health, microbiology to molecular. Basically, it is a study of a set of twins in different environment and its effect to a person’s telomeres. Their research will then be compared to the half part of the study, which is Scott’s twin brother, Mark, also a retired astronaut. The two will then be compared in physical and biological changes after a year. Scott’s weightless lifestyle and the biological changes it brings will be studied by researchers and medical schools.

These mission is another step towards a more improved study on the effects the space has on our physiological and biological selves according to PR Newswire. Bernardo Chua is looking forward to it.