New Jersey Pumps Up Gas Service

New Jersey is one of the only states where it is completely illegal for people to pump their own gas. Recent legislation has been pushed to support the implementation of self-service gas station. This would make it possible for drivers to pump their own gas and would leave full service stations with the control to decide whether or not they will have attendees pump gas. In the 1940s, gas stations were known as being full service. After public outcry, many of the gas stations converted to self-service equipment. Almost 80 years later, New Jersey has stayed the same. Oregon is the only other state with reported full service gas stations, but New Jersey is the only state with a law against self-service. James Dondero mentioned that even the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, pushed for self-service gas stations. After many of the citizens refuted Christie’s push for self service, the governor dropped his bid for such a conversion. New Jersey drivers have overwhelmingly decided that they want their state to stay full service. For them it is more of a luxury. A New Jersey driver was even quoted as making a very pertinent fact when it comes to New Jersey gas station attendants.