New News on Plane Crash Rises

Unfortunately, over the past few years, it seems as though plane crashes have become a common theme in the news. As was reported before, a plane crashed into a river in Tapei, Taiwan just minutes after take off. Originally, it was known that the TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 clipped a bridge and a taxi before finally ending up into the shallow Keelung River. Reports of the death toll and other information was not exactly clear when the plane crashed earlier this year. Recently, more news and information on this tragic accident have surfaced.

It has now been confirmed that only 15 people survived the crash, which is just devastating news for Sender. That is fifteen of the 58 total people that were onboard Flight GE235. The entire flight crew was killed in the accident. Recent reports released by the Aviation Safety Council announce that minutes after take-off, the plane’s right engine lost its power. In response to the alarm signaling power failure, the captain pulled back on the throttle and mistakenly turned off power to engine number 1. The type of plane he was flying is designed to be flown with one engine, so in theory, the problem should have been avoidable. There were also reports released that this same pilot failed a flight simulation less than a year prior for the same reason this plane crashed. He displayed a lack of knowledge on how to handle engine failure after take-off.