Newark CEDC: A Brief Overview

These days, many people are interested in doing business in Newark or learning more about how their city’s economic development is being realized. To get a better understanding of how business policies and procedures are exacted in Newark, it’s important to note that the city’s Community Economic Development Corporation handles these processes. Learn more about this dynamic organization by reading the brief outline that appears below:

Kevin Seawright: Newark CEDC’s CFO

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer of Newark’s CEDC. Seawright has extensive education and experience in the financial and administrative sectors. He is known for utilizing strategic management principles coupled with team inclusion techniques to facilitate optimal results in the business world. Over the course of his career, Seawright has developed business strategies on Flickr and other resources, that consistently yield tangible results. In many cases, Seawright’s efforts have involved the alignment of technological initiatives with current economic goals and organizational objectives.

What Does The CEDC Do?

The CEDC has a plethora of responsibilities within the city of Newark. Some of them include:

Business Attraction

One of the CEDC’s objectives is to work with businesses that are interested in relocating or expanding into Newark. The CEDC enjoys introducing companies to the city of Newark and explaining the assets and economic opportunities it offers. The company also provides business owners with an analysis of workforce information, economic indicators, demographics, and available buildings.

Industry Focus

The CEDC undergoes that a diverse economy fuels the city’s growth and expansion. In recognizing this simple business principle, the CEDC crew is pleased to focus in on specific industries that play a key role in facilitating city prosperity. The CEDC’s primary industries of concern include the arts, entertainment, manufacturing, information technology, health and health services, higher education and research, and port and port related services.

Small Business Development

The CEDC realizes that small business development can play a profound, powerful role in city growth. For this reason, the company places primacy on helping small businesses in Newark.

Neighborhood Development

The CEDC recognizes that city development is immensely important. For this reason, the company’s economic development directors offer project management services to make sure that the economic development initiatives for the city’s neighborhoods entail the greatest ROI possible.


As a community of business development experts, the professionals of Newark’s CEDC work with passion and persistence to ensure that the city’s economy continues to grow and expand. In so doing, the CEDC plays an integral role in facilitating the livelihood of the city and its citizens.