No Matter the Location: Philanthropist Sanjay Shah and Autism Research

When Sanjay Shah, a philanthropist, found out his son had autism, he founded the charity organization Autism Rocks. Recently, on Enterprise Radio, Shah gave advice for those wanting to start their own business or charity. He stated that those beginning a business shouldn’t “underestimate the amount of money you need to start,” and “don’t assume that you do the work yourself.”

Sanjay Shah has experience in the entrepreneurial world that allows him to give such apropos advice. Before beginning Autism Rocks, the medical school graduate spent time as an accountant. After several years in the business, he decided to start his own brokerage firm named Solo Capital. In the beginning, the office was comprised of a few graduate students and traders who were willing to stay with the business for a year. In five years, Sanjay’s decision has made him a millionaire with the educational background to place his funds where they are needed.

When his son was diagnosed with autism, Shah addressed the issue quickly to allow his son to develop despite the mental disease. However, after returning to Dubai after a diagnostic trip to London, he found that while there were a great deal of familial support systems, research on the disease was far from funded. After buying buses for the Dubai Autism Center to assist in transportation, Shah decided that something needed to be done about raising money for autism research facilities.

Sanjay created an agreement with Done Events, a government organization in Dubai. His first inspiration for Autism Rocks, was an event called Blended where music addressed both younger and older generations. Since he was in a position to draw on and create more contacts, he planned to use the event as a kick start for Autism Rocks. Done Events was able to help him contact the late Prince who helped in beginning the autism charity.

At this point, Shah is planning his next charitable concert where pop stars are paid to attend, and those attending donate to the charity. The funds are given to whichever research facility needs them to assist in their research as he doesn’t discriminate based upon location. Shah commented that while there is a great deal of support for the families, there is hardly enough research being done. As a philanthropist, Shah has placed his money in funding research that can help families around the world no matter their location.


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