No Strings Attached to Funding as Ubuntu Offers Quality Education to the Less Fortunate

Speaking in high-end forums and having an excellent ability to resource for funds is a skill that Jacob Leif discovered was not helping his efforts of achieving his goals for his nonprofit organization. While he was able to collect a lot of money, most of it came with restricted use and many donors wanted to interfere with its usage. Leif started the Ubuntu Education Fund with the aim of helping needy children and their families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Unfortunately, this was not going to be achieved with the kind of donations he was getting. He began to refuse any donations that came with strings attached after he discovered that he was not making any progress as far as helping needy children get an education was concerned. This meant that he had to contend with less cash in donations, but it was more fulfilling as he had more time to concentrate on avenues that would help him assist the children as he always intended.


From experience, Jacob began to collaborate with high net worth individuals that understood the essence of giving a donation without any restrictions to how the money was to be used. In this manner, he has been able to reach out to more children and families even with less funding. The Ubuntu model is built in such a way that the focus is on every child’s family with the aim of offering an education, improving health and overall boosting the economic standing of the family. This is the way Jacob and partners believe they will be able to assist in the alleviation of poverty in the area while helping these families gain stability.


It is not an easy task to find donors that want to give genuinely without interfering with the operations of the nonprofit. Some donors want to have their money used for specific purposes while others want to be involved hands-on with the organizations’ running. This can be a challenge unless those coming on board have specific relevant skills that can be used to benefit the organization.


Andrew Rolfe is one talent that Ubuntu is lucky to have. Andrew chairs the board of directors for the foundation and is keen about funding without restrictions. For Ubuntu, Andrew Rolfe is one of the major steady donors with over 100,000 dollars to his name since 2011. Andrew Rolfe has an MA from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford, which makes him a success in this field.