Nobilis Health, Leading other Healthcare Companies in Mergers and Acquisitions

Healthcare entails the treatment and prevention of disease, illness, or injury in addition to mental or physical harm in people. It is provided by practitioners in medicine, allied health, and nursing. Practitioners in Optometry, dentistry, and psychology among other health professional can also deliver healthcare. Additionally, healthcare includes delivering primary, secondary, and tertiary care. Healthcare providers play a critical role in a country’s economy.
Several companies offer healthcare products and services that address different health conditions. Healthcare companies provide medical equipment, services, and biotechnology to health facilities. In addition, diagnostic laboratories and drug manufacturing fall within this category. Of late, the US healthcare market has been flooded by technology companies. This shows that there is room for growth in the industry that is competitive. Highest standards of operation should be observed.
In the last one year, many healthcare companies have registered impressive growth in the market. Many have experienced skyrocketing sales like McKesson. It has been a period full of activity with several mergers and acquisitions being witnessed across the country. The consolidation mood by the American insurers has been high. Many companies had a busy time adjusting to the Affordable Care Act requirements.
Two months ago, it was announced that Aetna was planning to acquire Humana for a fee of $34 billion. Anthem too laid bare its plans to purchase Cigna for a fee of $54 billion. When combined, the two companies cover a population of around 90 million. The good thing about the mergers is that they strengthen operations of the merging companies but reduce the number of big players in the healthcare industry within the United States. However, the mergers have been brought about by necessity because of the Affordable Care Act that makes it hard for the healthcare companies to prices of their products arbitrarily.
There are companies that are doing great right now going by their financial results and the growth of their operations. One such company is Nobilis Health Corporation. For a long time, the company has had a steady growth with its stock showing positive signs more than any other healthcare company. Nobilis is a full-service healthcare development and management firm. It owns and operates surgical hospitals and ambulatory hospitals in some areas of the United States. Nobilis Company has a strong record in mergers and acquisitions. Some of the acquisitions that it made include its First Nobilis Hospital, which it acquired in September 24 at a consideration of $7.5 million. Recently, the company announced that it had acquired 60% stake in addition to management control of the Freedom Pain Hospital that is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Nobilis Health Corp uses an innovative marketing approach known as the direct-to-patient system. The strategy focuses on a set of specific procedures that must be observed by the local physicians at all the Nobilis Health centers. Nobilis manages ambulatory as well as acute care facilities. It also manages ambulatory surgery centers in Dallas, Scottsdale, Arizona and Houston. In the recent past, the healthcare has developed interests in one urgent care clinic and two imaging centers in Houston.