North American Spine’s Holistic And Conservative Approach To Healing

Athletics are a major part of life, from youth sports to professional sports and on through to leisure sports. But, some sports can be hard on the human body, especially the neck and spine areas. If an injury occurs to any one of these area in the body, it can be a very scary situation. Not many people are as fortunate as the Denver Broncos’ quarterback Payton Manning. He was able to return to his professional football career after having several neck surgeries. His team of doctors must have been forward thinkers like those at North American Spine.

The team of doctors at North American Spine have a holistic approach to treatment that encourages ways to heal the body’s ailments without surgery. North American Spine has an information website known as The hope is that this website will lead patients to ask the right questions for their situation and to make better treatment decisions. For example: There is a blog post on the website that talks about how physical therapy and exercise can relieve pain. The blog goes on to outline and describe the proper way to get ready for exercise and the types of exercises that are appropriate to relieve pain. This is spine health information that everyone needs to be informed about. Because typically, at the first sign of pain or discomfort a person would stop doing that activity. However, there are times when pain and discomfort are there to egg us on to better health. This information is given with the standard precaution of talking to your physician before starting any exercise routine.

North American Spine’s conservative approach to surgery encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms to kick in without overloading the system unnecessarily. Everyone’s body heals differently, and scar tissue can become a real problem for some patients. Internal scar tissue can exist without the patient ever knowing and scar tissue can form into an adhesion that will connect two serous membranes that weren’t originally connected, leading to more health problems. However, with the use of the AccuraScope procedure that is exclusive to North American Spine, their physicians are able to reduce the need for major spine surgery. Thus, limiting the possibility of excessive scar tissue. The AccuraScope procedure allows the physician to make a small incision and use the body’s natural opening to insert the scope, making it possible for them to see and operate on the problem area in real time.