One Author Claims Humans Are Creating The Sixth Extinction

Elizabeth Kolbert Claims Our Reckless Regard For The Planet Will Be Our Demise

No one can predict the future. The reason is simple. We are constantly making choices that change the future. Through the centuries, many species have become extinct, but that doesn’t mean they no longer exist. Some pragmatists would say that’s a ridiculous statement, but when the nature of consciousness is considered it is a true statement.

A new book called the Sixth Mass Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert explains previous extinctions, and brings up the point that humans may be creating the next mass extinction on this planet. Climate change, our expanding population and the fact that we are altering other forms of life through genetic engineering are some of the reasons Kolbert lists as signals that we are on a collision course with extinction.

That may sound scary, but human consciousness will not become extinct, at least according to Karatz. The human form may change, but it will not disappear. Human consciousness will continue to create objective experiences in order to expand awareness of all consciousness. We are part of an interconnected web of energy that expands through the physical and non-physical experiences. We do the things we do to experience value fulfillment, and we will, at some point, become aware that we create what we experience.