Parenting in New Jersey Made Easier

Parenting is the core responsibility of bringing up children. Although challenging, parenting is necessary for the determination of a child’s character. At times, parents face work related or personal challenges barring them from exercising good parenting skills on their kids. That is why at New Jersey, the Center for Family Services partners with various companies and agencies to assist employees and family members in parenting. Centre for Family Services, through Employee Assistance Program, has qualified parenting staff to help families in dealing with issues like:

Referral Description Intro
The program offers employed parents and children counseling sessions. The courses are necessary for solving parenting issues while making them happy in the end.

Referral Description Details
The Employee Assistance Program encourages employees, and their families acquire resources directed to solving issues hence happy families.

Baby’s Best Start Program
The nine-week program incorporates parents and family members on Saturdays between 10am-2pm for children to acquire the best start up. The sessions are facilitated in English and Spanish. On completing the program, the staff monitors the babies by visiting or making monthly calls. Baby’s Best Start provides the following services:

• Referral Description Introduction
They give children the perfect start through incorporating qualified staff. The open referral program welcomes all parents and families.
• Eligibility
The Baby Best program is open to all families in Gloucester County and Camden. For you to make a reference, mail or fax Parent Resource Center Referral Form.

Funded by New Jersey Department of Children and Families, TAFCAR (Treatment Alternatives for Children at Risk) offers in-home quality education and counseling services to prevent children from neglect and abuse. Therefore, it encourages stable families. Parents acquire lessons on how to communicate with their children while solving issues. They also offer lessons on how to manage their children’s behavior. Referrals from the community, church, schools and human service agencies are accepted after the DCP&P referrals.…/parenting

SASS (Self-Assurance Self-Sufficiency) Program
The SASS program was founded to assist families in developing a high level of self-assurance and self-security. Through the program, parents learn the sense of instilling discipline in their kids. SASS instills unity by creating healthier families for communities. SASS supports families in becoming self-sufficient by providing linkages to treatment resources. A healthy family is a happy family. Family Success Centers are community-based and family-centered established to provide family support on parenting and guidance.