Parents Outraged by Elementary School Authorities Requiring Their Children to Drop Their Pants for and Inspection


What possible reason does a school official have for requiring a student to drop their pants for an apparent inspection? None! Parents in Gustine, TX are outraged, and rightfully so, over the fact that their elementary school aged children were told to do just that.

Someone with an obvious behavioral problem has been smearing feces on the gym floor at Gustine Elementary School. And, for some ludicrous reason, some of the school staffers who were fed up with the offensive violation of school property decided it was fitting to require students to drop their pants for an “inspection.” What evidence had they hoped to find by degrading these young American citizens, we are in America folks, is beyond me.

11-year old Eliza Medina is one of the students who the school so maliciously violated. When speaking with reporters, she said “I felt uncomfortable and I didn’t want to do it.

Parents teach their children to be wary of strangers, hopefully they still do at least. But, it’s a real shame that parents now must also tell their children to also be cautious of school authorities. Parents, please talk to your kids, and make them intensely aware that they have the right to refuse to do anything deemed inappropriate that is asked of them, by anyone. Sergio Lins Andrade says refuse, and ask to speak to your parents immediately. Learn to question authority, especially when you are innocent.