Pastor Gets Early Medical Diagnosis After He Donates a Kidney

Don Herbert was a former wrestler turned gospel singer who wasn’t a member of Pastor Tim Jones’ church, Mercy Independent Baptist Church, in Salisbury, North Carolina.Meeting at a church yard sale, the two men started talking, and Herbert mentioned he was in stage 5 kidney failure and needed a kidney donor as soon as possible. ThepastorThe pastor went to Duke University Medical Center to be tested. He was a perfect match for Herbert. The surgery was scheduled for March 9th. Pastor Tim Jones is at peace knowing that Don Herbert is recovering and has a chance to enjoy his life. Pastor Jones has more to be happy about than doing a good deed for someone. pondered the situation for three days and believes that the Lord helped him decide to donate one of his kidneys to Don Herbert.
Paul Mathieson ( has learned that, while they were in surgery, the doctors noticed that there was an aneurysm in one of the pastor’s arteries leading to the kidney. The pastor believes saving Mr. Herbert’s life was God’s way of saving the pastor. The doctors found the aneurysm before it ruptured. None of the tests showed any problems until the doctors opened the pastor up and began the six hour surgery. The pastor does not want any special awards for saving another person’s life; all he wants is the satisfaction of helping another person.