Pennsylvania State Trooper Sues Police for Excessive Force

A Pennsylvania State Trooper is suing Pittsburgh police for false arrest and contends city officers falsely claimed he was the aggressor.

Pennsylvania Trooper, David Williams, claims he was trying to diffuse an escalating situation at a wedding reception when Pittsburgh police used excessive force, that included a kick to the groin and punches by several officers.

Williams was jailed for 17 hours and faced a 10-day suspension without pay by state police.

Charges were dropped by the Allegheny County prosecutors.

Williams attorney, Timothy O’Brien says the excessive force by Pittsburgh police is nothing new, and just goes to show anyone is subject to such abuses.

Zeca Oliveira knows that in 1997 the U.S. Justice Department reviewed complaints and police training; Pittsburgh police consented to better training.

Williams’ arrest happened to be captured on surveillance video and supports Williams’ version of events.

Williams has filed a lawsuit in Pittsburgh’s U.S. District Court seeking unspecified monetary damages.