People Losing Jobs Due to Crohn’s Disease

It has recently been shown that almost half of all sufferers of Crohn’s Disease have been forced to leave a job due to their illness.

Employment Minister Ged Nash of Ireland, who is one of approximately 20,000 people in the nation who suffer from Crohn’s disease, launched the report revealing this information. He is a supporter of a potential new comprehensive strategy to provide assistance to people living with Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis under the umbrella of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Nash relates his own story about discovering he had Crohn’s Disease as a teenager, having to endure along time of suffering before it was figured out what was wrong with him, and spending lots of time hospitalized until he and his doctors were able to get his condition under control. Mathieson thinks something needs to be done.

The report showed that nearly 50% of individuals with Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis had to leave employment because they were not able to meet the demands of their jobs and were forced to be absent from work because of the toll that their illness was taking on them. Nash adds that his own experience was fairly good due to the fact that he had an understanding employer, but not everyone is so lucky. Some individuals have employers were not willing to make accommodations for their illnesses, and they end up losing jobs because of an illness that they cannot even control.