Pokemon No-Go

Unless you’v been living under a rock the past few weeks, you are most likely familiar with the latest smart phone fad, Pokemon Go. Both new generation players and older enthusiasts who remember the first batch of Pokemon downloaded the app in droves, and it has since become a popular topic in our culture. Unfortunately, however, some individuals take the game too far and have been caught trespassing and harassing others for the sake of the game. More recently, a couple was arrested for neglecting their toddler in favor of going out to “catch ’em all.”

Twenty-seven year old Brent Daley and his twenty-five year old wife, Brianne, were taken into custody after a neighbor notified police that their young boy was outside in the heat with nothing but a diaper and T-shirt. When deputies arrived and found the boy outside, they attempted to call Brent who only responded with “whatever” before hanging up. The couple was taken into custody upon returning home to find their son with the police. Though initially they claimed to have gone simply to fuel up their vehicle, eventually the pair admitted to having gone out to play the game.

Incidents involving Pokemon Go are becoming increasingly common and have clearly escalated to the point of endangering lives. Regardless of your views concerning the app, it is clear that precautions need to be taken, which is why the app has begun urging users not to perform some of the acts that have gained attention. Only the future will tell what is next to come for Pokemon trainers.