Purchasing These Beneful Dog Food Will Boost Your Pet’s Health

A dog is man’s best friend; so you have to treat him right. Get him a comfortable place to sleep, pet him regularly, and most important, feed him with the best varieties of food that you can find in the market. One such example includes Beneful dog food varieties from Nestle Purina Store Petcare. They have a wide range that meets all the requirements and regulations, and your dog can get something different everyday depending on your preference, or his!


This type of dog food is dry and it comes in three variations; with real beef, with real chicken and with real salmon. They all contain antioxidants that keep the food in a fresh state even after being opened; they help in retaining the taste and smell so that your dog can eat properly. Also, they boost the health of your dog by making their immune system stronger so that they are able to fight diseases. They offer a balanced diet by providing all the necessary nutrients for your dog on a daily basis; either crunchy bits of real beef, chicken or salmon mixed with vegetables like spinach and carrots.

Healthy Puppy

This is also dry dog food filled with calcium that aid in the formation and strengthening of your pet’s teeth and bones; and in the development of puppies in pregnant mothers. It is also an essential nutrient needed by dogs in milk production during the breast feeding period. The food also contains enough omega-3 through a component known as DHA that helps in the development of your dog’s brain and sight.

Beneful Chopped Blends

This wet dog food comes in a large assortment that you can choose from; either wild rice, brown rice or barley mixed with beef, chicken, salmon or turkey, and topped off with vegetables. It provides a balanced diet of well chopped protein, carbohydrate and vitamin, and also in their right potions. They contain a thick and nutritious sauce that makes the food easy to chew and swallow, and also tastier.

Healthy Smile

Treat your dog to a special variety of dental twists and ridges that help in enhancing and maintaining your dog’s dental health. It acts as a breath freshener, and helps dissolve bits and pieces of food lodged in between the teeth. This prevents your dog from getting periodontal diseases which may affect the way he eats and his overall body health.