QNET Weathers Rough Waters to Rise to the Top

In March 2013, Hong Kong based online marketing company QNET announced plans to shift the majority of its manufacturing bases to India. Prior to expanding into India, Qnet’s products include 30 different brands that promoted and encouraged a healthy lifestyle, including wellness, skincare and nutrition products. Their line also included Swiss-made watches and other jewelry items. For expansion into India, however, QNET decided to change their business strategy by focusing on a niche markets, and shifted from focusing solely on lifestyle products to a more broad offering of “life enhancement” products. This allowed them to expand into products such as air purification and water filtration systems, as well as allowing them to offer products relating to areas such as weight management systems, vacation packages and online learning courses.
QNet has built its popular and ultimately very successful business on the major growth areas across Asia close to its headquarters in Malaysia.

Soon after this announcement, however, the India Managing Director and CEO of competing online marketing company Amway was arrested on charges of fraud against members of their company. This created a media frenzy that QNET became caught up in as both media and government officials cast a very wide net to ferret out other perpetrators. QNET cooperated fully with authorities and investigators, however, and provided a mountain of documentation to support its claims that it was not one of the many fraudulent companies purposefully defying government regulations. Not only that, but QNET actually pushed for stronger government regulation to protect its own reputation in the future and to create better opportunities for sound businesses to operate more smoothly. Government regulation protects both consumers and businesses, as better regulation creates better consumer confidence which in turn boosts sales. Under the guidance of CEO and founder Vijay Eswaran the multi level marketing company is now looking to expand its customer base across the world in a bid to grow into a globally recognized brand.

In August of 2014, QNET announced a partnership with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), based in Manchester, England. QNET considered this a partnership of very similar organizations. Just as MCFC started from a humble beginning as a community club, QNET started with a small group of friends. Both organizations had to invest many years of hard work and effort before seeing the fruits of that labor, and both had to overcome enormous obstacles on their rise to the top. Qnet’s philosophy of RYTHM which is “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind” reflects strongly with MCFC’s commitment to give back to their community through football. QNET’s social responsibility arm actively serves to create programs that will enhance the local community. In the UAE, QNET has partnered with Rashid Centre to provide various services for special needs children, and work with similar organizations in many other communities throughout the areas they operate in.

After two long years of battle, controversy and turmoil, QNET seems to have weathered the storms and appears poised to sail on calmer, smoother waters into 2016 and beyond.