Raising a Child Who’s Life Depends on an EpiPen

Raising a child comes with a world of responsibilities. You have to practice good parenting skills 24/7, each prepared meal needs to be healthy and nutritious, and you need to make sure your children get a regular check up and come in for all their shots. When your doctor informs you that your child has a dangerous allergy life just gets that much more complicated. From that moment on you will be nerve wrecked every time your child is not at home. Each morning you’ll double check and triple check that your child has an EpiPen in their backpack before heading off to school. In a few months you’ll have a well prepared speech to give friends, teachers, and coaches about your child’s allergy and how they are to administer the EpiPen. It is incredibly stressful to know your child’s life is dependent on an EpiPen. If the emotional stress wasn’t bad enough the knowledge that your child needs an EpiPen is now also financially stressful. The manufacturer of the EpiPen, Mylan, has increased the cost of an EpiPen by more than 480% since 2009. Back in 2009 a 2-pack of EpiPens cost close to $100. Today a 2-pack of EpiPens runs close to $600! It’s safe to say this price just isn’t reasonable for most families. If your insurance plan has high premiums, you’ll most likely be paying for your child’s EpiPen out of pocket. What’s also challenging is that you can expect to purchase EpiPens at least one a year because they expire after one year. For parents who have children with a severe allergy I’d first recommend switching to an insurance plan with a low deductible. Secondly, there are coupons offered by Mylan for the purchase of EpiPens that can be worth up to $100. While $100 off of a $600 total isn’t much it does certainly help.
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