Reifler Reigns Yet Again

Brad Reifler is a well-known and well-quoted name when it comes to investment groups and firms. The father of three investment corporations till date, Reifler currently occupies the CEO position of the Forefront Management Group, which happens to be one of the three corporations he founded. Although sporting an education from Bowdoin College and presently being one of the most celebrated names in the business, Reifler had had to toil hard to reach his present position. He initially became a trader at Refco, a company that his grandfather had founded. In 1982, however, he disengaged himself and started his own Reifler Trading Corporation that was later bought by Refco in the year 2000. This was his first independent venture and was only the brink of the iceberg.

Later, in 1995, he founded Pali Capital, a company that managed to influence the entire world, and headed it till 2008. In 2009, the Forefront Company came into existence and has been the focus of Reifler’s business since.

The Forefront firm itself is only about eight years old. However, with Reifler working at the throne, it has been able to make early breakthroughs in its business. A proof of this hit the newspapers in the late 2014 and took the entire world by storm.

According to this, the Forefront Capital had courageously put a toe out of the slavish line of business trends by introducing the unparalleled Income Trust that welcomes the non-accredited investors with open arms, and the world cannot be more thankful for it. All the trusts currently existing in the world offer investments to the accredited customers, with mammoth bank accounts and buffalo, sized wallets. This, unfortunately, leaves out a staggering population of the world that is already steeped into financial trouble and cannot afford to lose the largest portion of their savings, a disaster that did occur during the financial crises of 2008, leaving them crippled and fearful of further investments. Brad Reifler himself fell prey to this on two occasions: when two of his children had to attend university during the period of financial depression and when he tried to invest his father-in-law’s business, only to find out how cramped up the opportunities were for the middle class.

With the development of the Forefront Income Trust, the Forefront Management Group allows the middle class to start investing at a meager sum of $2500. To further hone the confidence and trust of the customers, the firm promises not to make a penny out of the investment unless the investor himself is making 8 percent of the sum investment. Such a venture has blown right across the Wall Street as something unique, new and possibly with huge prospects of success.  Check out Brad’s official website for more on his career history.