Republican Senator’s Letter To Iran May Violate The Logan Act

47 Senators Tell Iran Nuclear Deal Would Be Invalid Without Congressional Approval

Congress and the White House never seem to see eye to eye through the years. The two party system is designed that way. When one party is in power, the other party does its best to undermine the other in a number of political and social ways. But this Congress has taken some pretty bold steps to undermine the President. The latest fiasco is the letter 47 GOP senators wrote to Iran’s leaders. The letter was a blatant attempt to throw cold water on any nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran.

Zeca Oliveira has become aware that the backlash from the letter, which some say is a violation of the 1799 Logan Act, is gaining momentum. Over 150,000 signatures on the petition to prosecute the senators is waiting for a response from the White House.

The Logan Act says that citizens can’t directly or indirectly carry on any type of conversation with a foreign government on their own. If the interaction creates a dispute or controversy with the United States it can be considered treason. That is what the senators are trying to do. If they are convicted, they will serious penalties.