Ricardo Guimarães BMG

Ricardo Guimarães was born in 1951 at a town called Belo Horizonte. According to wikipedia, he is Flávio Guimarães Pentagna son and grandson of Antônio Mourão Guimarães, the prime founders of BMG conglomerate bank.
Banco BMG consolidated was a financial institution of the BMG Group, based in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The Bank is the main business of the BMG Group having its consignment lending operation as its main focus and a pioneer in its niche market. Banco BMG also operates in vehicle financing through Banco Schahin in personal loans and CDC, through Banco GE operations aimed at suppliers of large companies, investment for individuals and companies as explained in blog.dino.
Earlier in 1980, Ricardo Guimarães began working in the family business as a mere office assistant and eventually, in 1988, he graduated in business administration from UNA, Brazil according to noticias.r7.com. He received the town hall to honors degree on April 1990.
In the year 2011, Ricardo Guimarães became the businessman and chairman of BMG, succeeding Léo Bourgeois de Castro to lead the family business. The ceremony to his crown as the next chairman was honored by the president of the house, Léo Bourgeois de Castro who went on to front the work of his colleague. During the ceremony, Léo Bourgeois de Castro cited the great work done by Ricardo Guimarães at Clube Atlético Mineiro from 2001 to 2006 as the president. The parliamentarian expressed his confidence and satisfaction with Ricardo’s passion acknowledging that in 2004, he was awarded the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit. This is explained in cmbh.mg.gov.br.
Ricardo Guimarães was a successful businessman who achieved brand loyalty and ethics, in addition to supporting the fond of all sports (national sports, Basketball, athletes, tennis and volleyball). He also manage to initiate, develop and sponsor direct investments associated with all walks of people. In fact, in 2010, Ricardo Guimarães created the Ricardo Soccer BR1, an investment fund in football athletics. In the same year of its creation, Ricardo Guimarães invested more than R $ 20 million to buy the economic rights of several athletes who were at work in eight clubs.
Ricardo Guimarães was committed to the development of sports and his work was viewed as the seal of commitment and citizenship. He was the example of the society. He had withheld and continued the tradition started by his grandfather front as he made Belo Horizonte their professional and family roots.
In the year 2012, Ricardo Guimarães mediated an agreement between BMG and Banco Itaú Unibanco SA for the supply, marketing and distribution of payroll loans in Brazil, resulting to the formation of a joint venture code named, Banco Itaú BMG Payroll SA. Later in 2013, the two institution signed a business utilization agreement that concentrated payroll loan operation in the joint venture. This investment was very huge for the company as it allowed it to own a total and voting capital of 40%.