Richard Mishaan Design, the interior design experts

Richard Mishaan Design is a renowned interior design firm. The design firm has been in the interior design business for over 25 years. In the past years, they have designed some of the most creative hotels, residential, and retail projects around the world. Richard Mishaan Design aims at creating designs that create excitement for their clients. The final products are normally a synergy of stylish expansive space with different elements borrowed from Richard’s knowledge of fashion, architecture, and interior design.

What makes Richard Mishaan Design stand out is mainly the expertise that the company has gathered for the 25 years it has been in existence. Richard, the owner of Richard Mishaan Design, had gathered vast knowledge and experience from his working experience. This was enough for him to garner confidence and start his own firm which is now a reputable brand in interior design. Richard Mishaan Design work on projects that stretch what is termed as a norm in interior design. They blend both the 21st-century inspiration with ancient works of an act to come up with perfect blends of modern luxury.

What makes each design differ from the previous one is the time taken by Richard to understand the client’s culture, personal tastes, the way of life, and customs. This helps him create historic personalized heart-warming designs which concur to the unique style and preference every client expects. Richard Mishaan enjoys traveling, he is able to see beauty in items that most people would find ordinary and unattractive.

Richard Mishaan is an interior designer who was born in Colombia. He has created a reputation for himself as an ultimate mix master due to his blends of modern ideologies and ancient artifacts into interior design. He studied at the New York University and Columbia University School of Architecture. During his life, he has written two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, both of which were published by Monacelli Press and released in November 2014.