Rick Smith: New Technology and an Efficient Staff are the Secret to Securus Success

Richard ‘Rick’ Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer (or CEO) of the widely celebrated Securus Technologies. He combines his skills in engineering and business management to run one of the largest prisons technology companies in America. Rick Smith holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo. In addition, he pursued an associate degree in Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Rick Smith was to later join the University of Rochester to pursue a Masters degree in business administration.

Before joining Securus Technologies, Mr. Smith first worked in two tech companies where he gained his experience. In 2003 he was the Chief Financial Officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc, a tech company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Rick worked his way up the ranks, assuming the position of Chief Operations Office before getting promoted to the final position of President and CEO.

Around 2014, Rick Smith left Eschelon Telecom to take the position of CEO at Securus Technologies. He held this position at the tech firm before financially assuming the second role of president. Today, Rick Smith is on the frontline of Securus Technologies, spearheading all the leading tech solutions distributed to various prisons.

Securus Technologies has made major strides under the leadership of Smith. The tech firm published a press release of all the positive emails they receive from customer commending their incredible technological solutions. Rick admits he is happy to receive such positive news as it motivates him and his team to do even more for inmates and state prisons. In his own words, he is happy that his company is able to provide technology that helps restore safety in prisons and facilitate better communication between inmates and their families. Smith affirms that his company is committed to ensure that safety is the DNA of all the technology they release to the market.

Rick Smith is also smart enough to surround himself with genius minds to help push the brand forward. Recently, Securus Technology added a new senior sales executive to their staff, Mr. John Bell. Rick and his team believe that John will be instrumental in helping Securus develop high end software to assist the sales team. This software will help expand the sales of Securus to more than 800 innovative products supplied to correctional facilities, law enforcement, and the government. Mr. Smith has a vision of growing Securus Technologies to greater heights. Securus endeavors to tap into new technology to invent products that will make life in correctional facilities better.