Robbinsville Residents Seek New Postal Code

While much of the national media focuses their coverage on the 2016 presidential election, there is a story coming out of Robbinsville, New Jersey that isn’t receiving nearly as much attention. Residents of Robbinsville are soon going to receive a survey from the United States Postal Service that asks if they support officially adopting the zip code ‘08691.’ The township has taken measures to distinguish itself for some time, including casting aside the name ‘Washington Township’ and taking up ‘Robbinsville Township’ for their own in 2008, setting itself apart from another similarly named township in a different county of the Garden State.

According to Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, residents have expressed their support for Robbinsville to have a single zip code for years. Although the measure is largely popular, the process is by no means complete. Eighty percent of Robbinsville residents have to respond to the survey and seventy-five percent have to approve of the change in order for the measure to continue. Additionally, all this must happen by June 10, 2016.

The problem for Robbinsville residents is not using their desired zip code as part of the return address, but the zip code used for incoming mail. The zip code 08691 is currently identified as Trenton by the postal service. Representatives and state senators from both sides of the aisle support the measure. Multiple zip codes add to the confusion for anyone living in the Robbinsville township. Residents are eager to adopt a single zip code for the area and unify the existing zip codes under ‘08691’.