Russian Companies Lend A Hand

Philanthropists all over the world have a combined sense of dedication, perseverance and an ambitious mind set that help them climb up the corporate ladder. Alexei Beltyukov has all these traits but also has the sense to help other struggling people who wish to start their own company or attend school to help their business related dreams. Helping the philanthropists of tomorrow is a large part of Beltyukov’s business life along with forming a company to help Russian start ups in 2013 along with separate company to help other smaller companies within Russia that are struggling financially and help them gget back on their feet.

Beltyukov is a well known supporter of expanding education and is dedicated to making more dreams a reality with the continued education of the business world for interested parties of all ages. He values education down to the core and is extremely proud that his recent endeavor,, has been getting a lot of attention from educators and EdTech experts. is an online homework space for high school students and is centered around progressive thinking and a growing mindset in mathematics. Instead of offering multiple choice answers to questions, Solvy requires the student to give their own answer and explain how they got there, which gives them more of an expanded understanding to the problem at hand instead of giving them a one in four chance to guess correctly.

The user can create and personalize learning exercises for their own personal interest but also gives a precise time limit for the assignment. Beltyukov hopes that becomes a household name in helping students learn and understand mathematics either for their own interest or to provide the extra help parents and schools cannot give. Solvy also uses real world math problems and gives multiple options of approach to the problem to find solutions. Another difference with Solvy is it actually interacts with its students and teachers unlike general online text books, so teachers receive a feedback report to track the student’s progress.

Alexei Beltyukov himself was an avid student and actually started his career in medicine before switching over to business. He graduated in 1997 with an MBA from INSEAD Business School and was quick to launch several business afterwords. He was a co-founder of Endemic Capital, a well known angel investing company, along with A-Ventures, and New Gas Technologies and Mechanicus. At the moment, he also serves as an observer on the Board of Directors of FORO Energy.

Beltyukov also helps the Russian government and provides them with economic advisement through the Skolkovo Foundation where he is the Vice President. The company provides grants and opportunities for a range of Russian citizens who need money for their developing startup.

Beltyukov is a man of many traits and expertise but his true heart lies in helping out other people be it through technology, a helping hand for their business or advise on how to save their current company. With his philanthropist mindset, Beltyukov will continue to strive for greatness.