Santo Antonio De Monte Honors Marcio Alaor With A Food Court

Marcio Alaor, a native of Santo Antonio do Monte and one of the top executives in the Brazilian financial sector was honored with a food court. The fete was undertaken at a colorful exhibition between 21st and 24th August 2014. The tribute from the Santo Antonio do Monte community was befitting because of the many activities that Marcio supports and the services that he has offered to the county. The food court, which was formally a warehouse, was named Marcio Alaor Araujo.
He has made great contributions in supporting of a number of initiatives within the city particularly at the Exhibition Park and in the rural sector. He continues to support different projects in his native land irrespective of the distance. The local people, politicians and local officials graced the event.
Due to the importance of the occasion, the local politicians and local officials were given a brief moment to make their speeches. They emphasized on how important the support of Marcio Alaor has improved the image of the city. They were all grateful that Marcio had not forgotten his native homeland besides lauding the enormous contributions he has made towards improving the city. Every leader praised the top executive and commended the event noting the important role it will play towards enhancing the city’s growth.
Luis Antonio Resende was the first to speak. He took the opportunity to thank Marcio Alaor on behalf of the exhibition center workers. Resende stressed on how Marcio rendered his help without asking for political favors when the city was in need. The other official that thanked Marcio was the president of the Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian. Octavian said that the union was committed to helping the farmers of San Antonio do Monte. He noted that the support provided by Marcio to the farmers had greatly helped them achieve their objectives. Wilmar Son, the mayor, said that the creation of the food court serves as a reminder and motivation for the local people to keep on working hard in order to achieve their goals.
When his time came, Marcio Alaor started by giving a short biography of his life. He said he was grateful to receive the honors while still alive. Marcio noted that the privilege of receiving the accolade while still breathing and seeing his homeland grow were factors that make life interesting for him. While concluding his speech, the vice president of BMG bank said that he loved the city of San Antonio do Monte and will maintain contact with the populace of the city. Marcio noted that the affection that he seen from the people of the city makes him feel proud of his homeland. The transformative leader continues to exhibit exemplary leadership styles in his undertakings.